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Translations into Portuguese

Transfer of a foreign text into the national language of the country, while maintaining the content and ensuring that the target text sounds natural, as if it had been written by a native speaker of the target country. In the Brazilian context, translation is the transfer of the content from the original foreign language into Brazilian Portuguese.

According to the ABNT [Brazilian Association of Technical Standards] 17100 standard on translation services, "translation is a set of processes in the source language for content in the target language, in written form.”

Our Executive Director, Marisol Mandarino, meets all the requirements established by the ABNT 17100 standard for translation services:

a) Higher education in translation, linguistics or language studies, or equivalent higher education that includes significant higher education training in translation (She holds a Bachelor's degree in Portuguese-English Language and Literature from UFRJ, Specialization in Portuguese-English Translation from PUC-RJ, Graduate degree in Portuguese-Spanish Translation from Universidade Gama Filho and Graduate degree in Portuguese-Spanish Interpretation from Universidade Gama Filho)

b) The equivalent of five years' full-time professional translation experience (She has worked as a full-time technical translator since 1986)

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