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Sworn translation

Translation from the source language into the target language with “public faith.” This means that the document, whether official or not, will be accepted by any government agency in Brazil. A sworn translation can only be prepared by an official & certified public translator and interpreter (Tradutor e Intérprete Juramentado). This requirement only applies in Brazil, but such translations are usually very well accepted in many countries. Since a sworn translation is a public document, it can be apostilled for use in a country that is a signatory to the Hague Convention if that country uses the concept of public translation. Law 14,195/21 introduced a rule allowing the same professional to transcribe audios and videos via notarial minutes and then provide a sworn translation of them. In the case of sworn transcriptions, any hesitations and repetitions in the speaker's words will always be marked.

Our Executive Director, Marisol Mandarino, has been an Official & Certified Public Translator and Interpreter in English and Spanish, certified by the Brazilian government since 2009, and her official translations are valid throughout the country.

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